College of Policing CEO

Police Federation Demand, Capacity and Welfare Survey

Chief Constable Mike Cunningham, College of Policing CEO, said:

“Today’s survey highlights police are doing an increasingly difficult job with fewer resources against a backdrop of greater responsibility for the most vulnerable in society and ever more sophisticated criminality.

“A National Police Wellbeing Service has been set up by the College of Policing, with support from the Police Federation, so that officers and staff are given tools to improve their resilience and have access to support after traumatic incidents. An outreach service will attend police stations providing physical and psychological health checks, and leaders across policing will be supported to spot risks and improve wellbeing for their people.

“We want every member of the police service to feel confident that their wellbeing is taken seriously and is properly supported by their respective organisations.”

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Jason Lavan

Media Relations Manager

College of Policing

Notes to editors

  • College of Policing analysis has shown:
  1. Police workload has increased over the past five years and in 2013/14 there were, on average, 35 crimes for every constable but by 2017/18 that rose to 51.
  2. Crime has become increasingly complex and the cost to police of responding and investigating victim-based crime has increased by 51 per cent.
  • The College of Policing has created the following documents for police:
  1. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Policing – outlines the kinds of events that can cause traumatic responses and how to respond to it
  2. Psychological risk management guidance – outlines how forces can manage areas of policing where there is a higher level of exposure to psychological hazards known to be associated with an increased risk of anxiety, depression, primary and secondary trauma.
  3. Oscar Kilo - all resources for police on wellbeing are housed on this website.

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