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Disclosure training for police - more than 100,000 complete course

New training on police disclosure has been completed by more than 100,000 officers and staff

The 'disclosure and relevancy – conducting fair investigations' training, which can either be completed online or as a face-to-face training, was made available to all forces in England and Wales in April 2018.
The College has recommended the training is completed by all police officers and staff involved in any aspect of investigation.

The numbers show thousands of people working in forces across England and Wales have completed the six modules programme modules, with many more having completed one or more of the modules.
A short disclosure briefing video produced by the College in May 2017 has also been viewed by more than 100,000 officers and staff.

The numbers, which cover mid-April 2018 to May 31 2019, show more than half of all police officers and staff in England and Wales have now completed the updated training.

The new training was introduced as part of the National Disclosure Improvement Plan (NDIP), developed as a partnership between National Police Chiefs' Council, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the College, to change significantly the way disclosure is managed across the criminal justice system.

David Tucker, College of Policing crime and criminal justice lead, said: "Disclosure is a fundamental part of a fair criminal justice system. These figures demonstrate officers and staff across policing are committed to getting it right.
"We have worked with the National Police Chiefs' Council and CPS to take extensive action to bring about necessary changes in the wider culture within investigations and prosecutions, and how cases are handled.

"Our updated training makes it clear that from the start of an investigation disclosure needs to be an integral part of the mind-set of all officers and staff.

"This is part of long-term plan to bring lasting improvements to how disclosure is managed in the criminal justice system."

The College is continuing to work with colleagues from the National Police Chiefs' Council and Crown Prosecution Service to improve the management of disclosure in the criminal justice system for the benefit of victims and suspects.

You can view the latest disclosure training figures here.

Find out more about the work the College is doing as part of National Disclosure Improvement Plan (NDIP) here.

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