Daniel Morgan Independent Panel report

Statement from the College of Policing after publication of the report in Parliament

'The model of policing in this country is based on consent and we remain acutely aware of the high standards that are required to maintain the public’s trust,' said Bernie O’Reilly, the College of Policing's interim CEO.

'The overwhelming majority of police officers and staff act with the highest integrity and abhor corruption. The Panel has acknowledged the vast majority of officers act honourably and do not break their rules or engage in corrupt activity and they do very difficult, and, at times, dangerous work.

'Often it is officers and staff who make reports about behaviour they have witnessed by another colleague and they should be supported with an investigation into allegations of wrongdoing.

'Changes we have established mean that officers joining the police today will be rigorously vetted and their continued service or promotion is based on assessment of their values and behaviour against the policing Code of Ethics. Officers dismissed from the service are placed on a barred list preventing them from re-entering the police.

'Our focus is on supporting the vast majority of officers who work with integrity to keep the public safe, while making sure there is the right culture, training and standards in place nationally to prevent, detect and deal with corruption. We owe it to the Morgan family and the wider public to continue this work in light of this report and ensure corruption has no place in modern day policing.'

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Viktoriya Ilyukhina

Press Officer

College of Policing