College of Policing responds to HMICFRS vetting inspection

HMICFRS has published an inspection into vetting, misconduct, and misogyny in the police service.

College of Policing Chief Constable Andy Marsh, said: 

“It is essential that everyone working in policing upholds the highest professional and ethical standards. The College of Policing’s recent review of misconduct outcomes guidance makes clear how seriously we expect any behaviour that could damage confidence in the police to be taken. We welcome HMICFRS’s inspection report, which builds on our work to consistently raise the standards of policing in this area.

“Thorough and effective vetting by police forces is a key part of assessing the integrity of our officers and staff and allows us to be as sure as possible that we have the right people working for the service. We will act quickly to translate these recommendations into practical guidance that furthers the high standards we set, while maintaining the ability of officers and staff, the majority of whom serve in policing with dedication and integrity, to do their jobs, protect the public, and fight crime.

“Vetting will only ever provide a snapshot of the problem, and it must be backed up by strong leadership at all levels and people who can spot and call out behaviour which does not belong in policing. The College’s new entry training and National Centre for Police Leadership will deliver world class leaders who are equipped with the skills to call out wrongdoing, improve results and bring the service up to the highest standard the public rightly expects.” 

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