Angiolini Inquiry - College of Policing response

Policing will take forward all recommendations in Part 1 of the report. 

College of Policing CEO, Chief Constable Andy Marsh, said: 

"The tragic loss of Sarah Everard continues to weigh heavily on everyone in policing. The heinous act committed by a former police officer tarnished our profession and brought shame upon us all.  

"We acknowledge and accept in full the thorough recommendations of Part 1 of the Angiolini Inquiry. 

"The College of Policing is implementing some of the most robust standards in the history of policing and will continue to enforce stringent police vetting standards. We're currently consulting on revoking vetting privileges for forces that fail to meet our criteria, and robust new guidance and training will support forces to get this right. 

"I welcome the review into how indecent exposure is handled across the criminal justice system, and the College stands ready to use our skills to support research into the link between non-contact offences such as indecent exposure and an escalation in behaviour. 

"The College has an unwavering dedication to rooting out unfit individuals from policing, restoring the public's trust and confidence, and preventing anything like this from ever happening again."

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Jason Lavan

Media Relations Manager

College of Policing

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