Daily Policing Media Summary

Top Stories

Sky News reports that a victim is petitioning for a law change in regard to sex offenders having the right to apply for removal from the register with a 75% success rate last year.

BBC reports that accusations that a senior officer who wrote the Met’s anti-drugs strategy took LSD and magic mushrooms have been dismissed. Also reported by the Evening Standard and Police Oracle

Evening Standard reports that a top homicide detective at Scotland Yard has said that murders have become more ferocious with a rise in excessive violence within murder cases across London this year.  

Police Professional reports that a drug testing pilot has found high levels of cocaine use by domestic abusers. Also reported by Police Oracle

Police Professional reports that stricter rules into how police use cautions and a new Code of Practice will create more consistency in how cautions are used. Also reported by Police Oracle

Express reports that police have been told that people armed with knives must be given tougher penalties.

Other Stories

BBC reports that Greater Manchester Police have said they are not withholding detention footage deliberately in regard to accusations made about treatment of a woman in custody.

BBC reports that Merseyside have launched a drink drive campaign where they are using different tactics to catch drivers.

Telegraph reports that the Welsh Secretary is facing investigation by police over complaints about an allegedly racist campaign leaflet about a proposed new traveller site. Also reported by the Daily Mail

Sun reports that a terrorist who murdered a Tory MP has benefitted from £100,000 in Legal Aid despite admitting he carried out the killing.  

Evening Standard comments on cancel culture and what it means in the fight for free speech.

Police Oracle reports that CSI and digital forensic staff in Leicestershire Police will wear a device over 4 months in an innovative new study which allows researchers to asses the physical and mental toll of the job.

Times reports that the mother of an aspiring lawyer who was murdered has said that dealing with Met is harder that jailing war criminals.

Spectator comments on a model put in place by Greater Manchester Police to investigate every crime which will soon be rolled out nationally.  

Guardian reports that thinktanks have highlighted the issues caused by anti-protest laws and culture wars which are weakening democracy.

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