Daily Policing Media Summary

Top Stories

Evening Standard reports that counter-terror tactics are being used to hunt down the 100 worst predators targeting women in London. Also reported by the Sun, Telegraph, Guardian, BBC and Sky News

Sky News reports that two officers from West Midlands had sex with vulnerable women whilst on duty.

Policing Insight shares an opinion piece on addressing low morale and steps forces need to take for recruitment and retention.

Police Professional reports that CC Stephen Watson is the new service director for stage 5 of College of Policing’s police leadership programme. A release was provided by the press office which includes a quote from CC Andy Marsh. Also reported by Police Oracle.

Express reports that a survey has revealed a fall in public trust as almost half of people in Britain don’t believe they’d be treated fairly if they were a victim of crime.

Police Oracle reports that the Met Police have denied passing sensitive date from people reporting crimes via their website through to Facebook.  

Other Stories

BBC reports that special constables in Devon and Cornwall have been given the latest Home Office approved speed cameras and have been trained to catch speeding drivers for the first time.

Police Professional reports that a study on burglary revealed significant differences in expertise between older and younger burglars. Also reported by Police Oracle

Times reports that in some UK cities cocaine use is up by a quarter after just one year.

Sky News reports that realistic child abuse images being generated by AI means it could become harder to spot when real children are in danger.

Police Professional reports that the annual Oscar Kilo awards have recognised the amazing work by officers and staff across UK policing to provide wellbeing support.

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